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Friuli Venezia Giulia: viaggio “gourmet”alla scoperta degli chef e delle ricette friulane


Do you like to travel? Visiting enchanting places? Discover gourmet restaurants?

Head towards Friuli Venezia Giulia where lovers of travel and haute cuisine will find a concentration of their passions and will be able to discover the rich biodiversity of a territory that changes radically from the peaks of Carnia to the Adriatic Sea that laps Trieste. .

t will be a real journey into the regional food and wine tradition, full of dishes that local chefs know how to offer, making the raw materials best expressed
Typical dishes of Friulian cuisine
Montasio potato gnocchi seasoned with milk, flour, montasio cheese and nutmeg. Salàm tal asêt: slices of salami cooked in vinegar. Fertae cui urticions: omelette with hop tops. Pitina with vinegar smoked meatball of venison, sheep, goat, browned in butter and blended with vinegar. Frico, popular cheesecake, a poor cuisine dish that used leftover cheese The frico, a historic dish of poor cuisine that used the leftovers of cheese Radicchio con poc sautéed in a pan with cracklings and a little vinegar. Jota, a soup with poor and recycled ingredients, especially beans and cabbage marinated in salt. Toc in braide, very soft polenta garnished with milk and cheese fondue and then seasoned with corn flour browned in butter. Crepe with sclopit, crepe stuffed with swollen silene, a tasty spontaneous herbaceous plant. Musetto and brovada, long maceration of turnips and marc served with the typical local cotechino.

la “brovada” e il musetto

the mythical “cjarsons”
They are the historic ‘poor’ ravioli that were made with what the moment offered: potatoes. vegetables, sometimes fruit, sugar, cinnamon and served with grated smoked ricotta butter and cinnamon. An authentic traditional dish whose filling varies from town to town, from valley to valley, from cook to cook … as demonstrated by Eddi Riotto (Alla Tavernetta) Stefano Basello (Al Fogolar 1905) and Massimiliano Sabinot (Vitello d’Oro ), three top chefs from Udine who interpret it each in their own way.

Da sinistra: Massimiliano Sabinot, Stefano Basello, Eddi Riotto
The “cjarsons” in the versions of the 3 chefs :: stuffed with potatoes, herbs, sausage and ricotta, in the style of Fusea, strictly served on a wooden plate and “Carnica” style.

The Michelin Stars in the Friulian firmament
Second star for Harry’s Piccolo in Trieste led by chef Matteo Metullio, a young interpreter of the territory, the sea, the seasonal vegetable garden, up to preparations and flavors evoking the far east.


Matteo Metullion

In Ruda, a few kilometers from the sea, we find Chef Alessio Devidè. at the helm of the Osteria Altran, an apparently rustic but actually delightfully romantic restaurant in a wine estate surrounded by greenery. Contemporary style cuisine that focuses on high quality ingredients and careful preparation
Osteria Altran

Osteria Altran  con lo Chef Alessio Devidè

The journey continues climbing along gentle hills until you reach Cormons, where you will discover the Trattoria Al Cacciatore and the territorial cuisine of chef Alessandro Gavagna who knows how to amaze us with an exceptional reinterpretation of the traditional butada, a peasant pasta

Trattoria Al Cacciatore

Alessandro Gavagna

Traveling through the vineyards you arrive in Dolegna del Collio in the kitchen of Antonia Klugmann who, in a renovated former mill, opened L’Argine di Vencò: her dishes often find their roots in a vegetable garden and an orchard around the restaurant overlooking the greenery.

Antonia Klugmann


In Colloredo di Monte Albano, chef Ivan Bombieri is at the helm of La Taverna, made up of orangeries, greenhouses and evocative period settings. His dishes enhance the raw materials, respect the seasonality of the products and the rhythms of nature.

La Taverna

Ivan Bombieri

For 9 years, two stars have been shining on the Agli Amici 1887 Restaurant in Godia (Udine). In the kitchen we find the brothers Michela and Emanuele Scarello, careful to perpetuate the tradition of hospitality and to discover the wines of young and contemporary people capable of renewing the traditional repertoire, bringing to the fore the products of the region, where the sea and the mountains come together with touches of originality.

Agli Amici 1887

Michela e Emanuele Scarello,

A few kilometers from Pordenone, we find La Primula, a place that boasts over 140 years of activity, famous for the land and sea dishes of chef Andrea Canton.

La Primula,

Andrea Canton

We go up to Sappada Vecchia, wonderfully surrounded by the spectacular Dolomites. Here the starred chef Fabrizia Meroi and lei Laite’s restaurant reigns, two small and romantic rooms, inside a typical mountain house.


Fabrizia Meroi

Marco Talamini The Tower, Spilimbergo. In its menus, territory, meticulous selection of raw materials, attention to seasonality, attention to the taste and sobriety of the ingredients win.

La Torre

Marco Talamini

… What about the “osterie”?

Da Alvise, Sutrio
Ai cacciatori, Cavasso Nuovo
Borgo Poscolle, Cavazzo Carnico
Al Castello, Fagagna
Stella d’oro, Verzegnis
Rosen Bar, Gorizia
Ivana & Secondo, Pinzano al Tagliamento
Sale e Pepe, Stregna
Da Afro, Spilimbergo

In Friuli, wine tourists cannot fail to visit San Daniele, known internationally for the production of a ham that is the result of a millenary tradition and a unique microclimate. o.

Un prosciutto San Daniele servito al Ristorante El Fogolar 1905. Proviene dalla Casa dek Prosciutto “Alberti 1906″‘ uno dei pochi piccoli artigiani rimasti

Until October …
The Friuli Venezia Giulia Wine and Flavors Route offers more than 150 integrated food and wine experiences to spend a day dedicated to taste and the discovery of food & wine traditions. You will discover vineyards, cellars, huts, nature reserves, lagoons, the Gulf of Trieste, as well as the orchards and olive groves where the excellences of the territory are born. And some of the most beautiful villages in Italy such as Strassoldo and Valvasone

Strassoldo e Valvasone

For those who love nature and … good wine
Harvest & Taste is aimed at nature lovers who, until September, will be able to learn about the world of bees, create a herbarium, get in touch with animals or learn how to cook the traditional sweet gubana, while Cantine & Vigneti will take you to taste viticulture.regional.…

Restaurants: for info, menus, addresses, timetables, click on the name in red. .
PromoTurismo Friuli Venezia Giulia
Cantine & Vigneti
Harvest & Taste

and to end up on a sweet note …
Cividale del Friuli. One of the historic pastry shops is Paolo Zorzenone’s Ducale, famous for its ‘gubana’, a sweet bread of peasant origin that was enriched with fruit and honey.

Simple recipe, but which can be elaborated with your imagination and become “gourmet” Are you curious to know her?
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La “gubana” di Paolo Zorzenone