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Viaggio “gourmet” in Basilicata: dai Sassi di Matera ai calanchi di Aliano


Basilicata: we leave for a tour where wild ingredients and authentic dishes stand out, just like this land.
From the wild horseradish, also known as “poor man’s truffle” to the red aubergine of Rotonda, spicy and bitter, excellent in oil, fried, grilled, to the exquisitely spicy Moliterno canestrato cheese. The pastas are rich, tasty and sunny: strascinate (pasta with turnip tops from Matera and cruschi peppers), gnummareddi (rolls of lamb entrails, liver, lung, heart and sweetbreads tied by a thin natural casing), cod with cruschi peppers, cutturiddi (lamb with onions, tomatoes, bay leaf and rosemary), pignata (mutton or mutton seasoned in terracotta with spicy salami, pecorino, chilli and many vegetables).

Let’s start from the stars…
In Lavello, under the starry sky of the Michelin Guide we find Don Alfonso 1890 San Barbato (Stella Michelin) The legendary Alfonso Iaccarino, his wife Livia and their children Ernesto and Mario brought to San Barbato the same philosophy and the same passion that made Don Alfonso 1890 one of the most important restaurants in the world, a temple of hospitality: signature cuisine , impeccable hospitality and human warmth. At the helm the Chef Donato De Leonardis. Each of his dishes is characterized by the obsessive attention to detail and the search for raw materials of the best quality.
Don Alfonso San Barbato , Adagiato tra le pendici dell’antico vulcano Monte Vulture e la valle del fiume Ofanto,

Dinner thus becomes an interactive culinary experience offering the spectacle of a gourmet kitchen brigade immersed in their fascinating work, with suggestive plays of light that accompany the preparations and mise en place, from appetizers to desserts.

Donato de Leonardis
Sapori e colori sulla Terrazza di Don Alfonso , San Barbato

We leave Lavello and head towards the incredible. Are you ready? Close your eyes and now reopen them … we are in Matera!
The unspeakable charm of a city whose photos, drawings or videos do not do the least justice to the wonderful impact and the superlative beauty that surrounds us.

Many gourmet travelers have long known this unique mountain town, dotted with caves, ancient dwellings carved into the rock, its poor Sassi inhabited by families and cattle, stories, legends and art. Matera, long isolated from the rest of Italy, remains one of the last true bastions of poor cuisine. Authentic peasant recipes composed of very poor ingredients that give life to a delicious, healthy and nutritious dish, such as the spectacular soups of local legumes and those with black chickpeas. not to mention the bread of Matera, famous all over the world

La storica cucina cucina povera.di Matera

The indisputable legend of Matera cuisine is the sweet crusco pepper, which is first dried in the sun and then fried to turn into a crunchy and tasty explosion of taste, delicious in all seasons. Starting from August 1st, between dances, songs and laid tables, the crapiata (traditional convivial dish with wheat, spelled, lentils, chickpeas, beans, broad beans, potatoes and peas) will be celebrated.

Peperone crusco, il protagonista

Matera, Ristorante Vitantonio Lombardo  (Stella Michelin)
Vitantonio Lombardo is originally from Basilicata. His was a journey with illustrious masters such as Paolo Teverini, Gianfranco Vissani and Fabio Barbaglini. Lover of his territory, he wanted to revive an abandoned cave to propose two menus: “Fragments, cuisine of our history and” Battiti, dishes in continuous evolution

Lo chef stellato Vitantonio Lombardo
Dalla cucina di Chef Vitantonio

 ll Terrazzino  
View, ambiance, real food, rich menu, moderate prices and … did I mention the view? Welcome to Il Terrazzino di Matera, one of the oldest terrace restaurants in the Sassi Eustachio Persia welcomed me with a plate of local cured meats, including my favorite lampascioni, bulbs of a common wildflower in southern Italy, then I ordered the lamb, and … surprise! It came wrapped in yellow straw paper.

l’agnello “incartato” del Terrazzino

Located in the Sassi area, simple but elegant, known for its Chef Carlo Pozzuoli who loves to reinterpret in a modern key the typical local dishes and the flavors and traditions of the past, such as the minestrone with tagliolini with white and black chickpeas, considered ideal for pregnant women, as it contains a lot of iron. The menu devotes careful research of local herbs, such as chicory, sivone used in salads, soups, as a filling for ravioli and pansotti or simply boiled with oil and lemon.

Matera: Carlo Pozzuoli e sua moglie Mariella: ospitalità e piatti veraci, come la loro zuppa con ceci bianchi e neri
Dolce finale… sporcamuso
Final surprise with a taste of a sweet heart-shaped sporcamuss, a dessert filled with hot custard that will inevitably end up all over your face. a.

lo Sporcamuso

Da Mario
‘We represent tradition. My family has been running this restaurant since the 1950s, ‘Anna, owner of Ristorante Pizzeria Da Mario, tells me. ‘Since then we have always been loved by the people of Matera and by the whole world. Many celebrities have eaten here: Richard Gere, Mel Gibson just to name a few “Among his main dishes: the tasty orecchiette with turnips with anchovies and toasted breadcrumbs and his famous homemade strascinati with cardoncelli mushrooms and garnished with the typical crunchy pepper fried crusco.face.

i tradizionali “strascinati” con funghi e peperone crusco

Chosen for you

La Locandiera, Bernalda
La Villa, Melfi
Luna Rossa, Terranova di Pollino
, Lavello
Al Baliaggio, L’ Incanto, Venosa
Al becco della Civetta, Castelmezzano
Ego, Le Bubbole, Matera
Fandango, Scalera
Cibò, Massimo Carleo Home Restaurant , Potenza

Lo splendido artigianato locale

Pezzolla, Accettura(MT)
Gagliardi, Avigliano (PZ)
Da Beppe, La Rotonda (PZ)
La mangiatoia, Rotondella (MT)

… e per finire, ovviamente un Amaro Lucano!

By the sea
Basilicata is bathed by the Tyrrhenian and Ionian and its sea is considered one of the cleanest in Italy. In the localities of Maratea, Acquafredda, Spiaggia di Mezzanotte, Cersuta, Fiumicello, Spiaggia Nera, le Secche, Castrocucco and many others, you will find long sandy beaches, hidden coves, picturesque caves and above all a crystalline sea. Not to mention the excellent fish dishes …

Mare cristallino e ottimi piatti di pesce. La Basilicata vi aspetta!

Selected for you

La Locanda di Nettuno, Ohana, Taverna Rovita, Il Sacello , Maratea
L’approdo, Catrocucco
Hemingway, Bell’agio Bistrò, La Lampara Jonica, Scanzano Jonico
Essenza, Policoro
Le Vele, Acquafredda
Imperiale, Nova Siri


Discovering Aliano
Destination unknown to many, Aliano is a small village in the province of Matera, awarded the recognition of Italian Literary Parks and located in one of the most unusual, scenic, magical and spiritual places in Basilicata. The surrounding clayey landscape is characterized by species of canyons, called badlands.