Weekend "hygge" a Copenhagen: storia, castelli, design e "smørrebrød"
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Weekend “hygge” a Copenhagen: storia, castelli, design e “smørrebrød”


Welcome to Copenhagen, the UNESCO World Capital of Architecture in 2023.
For architecture lovers, visits to the Danish Architecture Center and guided tours of the works of the famous architect Jørn Utzon, who created the Sydney Opera House, will be organised.
Past and future: the Made in Denmark exhibition takes visitors on a discovery of the history of Danish architecture from the Viking age, while with a daring leap back into the past, we can discover the majestic castles, where the authenticity of the exteriors and interiors are remained unchanged over time.

It tells the story of one of the oldest monarchies in the world. The palace, in rocoò style, dates back to the 1700s and consists of four structures, royal residences for rulers, heirs to the throne and illustrious guests. It overlooks the grand square where you can watch the daily changing of the Den Kongelige Livgarde Frederiksborg guards
Splendid palace built in 1600 at the behest of King Christian IV. It is located on the three islets of the charming lake on the north side of the city, Hillerød. It also houses the Danish National History Museum.

In the center of Copenhagen. built in 1606-1607 as a summer residence by order of Christian IV. For over 400 years, it has kept the most precious treasures of Danish kings and queens, among which the Crown of Christian V stands out, inspired by that of Charlemagne and a symbol of the Danish monarchy and state.

Originally a summer residence for the Royal family, it now houses the Royal Danish Army Officer Academy. In Baroque style, embellished by  gardens cared for down to the smallest detail and  by a small hidden jewel: the suggestive Royal Chapel

La Cappella Reale di Frederiksberg

Not far from Copenhagen, it is known as the home of Hamlet. Here in fact Shakespeare set his play. The gossips say that the writer had never been there, but it would have been an actor in his company to tell him about this mighty fortress.
Every day, the walls suddenly resound with the voices of Hamlet’s characters, who appear, like ghosts, perfectly played by very good actors who give life to the tragic events of the drama.

Famous for its hall covered with 17 giant tapestries, which tell 1000 years of Danish history and venue for official receptions in the presence of Queen Margaret, amidst a glitter of uniforms and large evening gowns and a protocol asking guests to arrive by carriage.

Her Majesty Queen Margrethe, currently the ruler who boasts the most years of reign, is much loved by the Danish people. The splendid tapestries are a gift from Danish industry on his birthday in 1990. They tell the history of Denmark and the world, including the Viking Age, the Middle Ages, the absolute monarchy, the reformation, the Second World War, the present and even the future.
As a gourmet, I couldn’t resist the temptation to go down to the legendary Royal Kitchens to discover the background of an official banquet, browse through the Queen’s recipes and admire one of the largest copper tableware collections in Europe

After so much luxury and “culinary” abundance, it’s impossible not to have a certain hunger and so, on the hunt for the dish that the Danes madly love… everyone at the table with the “smørrebrød”
Both in street food stalls and in more informal trattorias or gourmet restaurants, you will find “Sol over Gudhjem” the typical dish of Danish cuisine. It comes from a picturesque fishing village on the island of Bornholmm and is made of smørrebrød canapés, i.e. slices of buttered rye bread traditionally covered with various types of toppiing: eel, herring, salmon, shrimp and other smoked fish as well as versions with meat or egg-based vegetarian accompanied by radish, red onion. dill, chives and beets.
There are also various “gourmet” versions with raw ham, dried tomatoes and avocado or with fried eggs and bacon or with shrimp, salmon and avocado

Where to eat the best smørrebrød
Frk Barners Kaelder
Typical restaurant, unpretentious, with the succulent dishes of Mrs. Barner, famous for her herring seasoned with apple, dill and served with lard, capers and chopped onions to spread on homemade wholemeal bread, all washed down with a glass of brandy.
An exquisite dish! And someone who hates grappa and herring tells you that…


Here is the classic recipe to prepare a dozen.

Butter 60 g
Rye bread 12 slices
Eggs 6
A few slices of red onion
Pickled gherkins 3
Shrimps 6
Marinate the herring with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice, drain.
Cut the onion into rings and the gherkins into slices. Arrange the black rye bread generously spread with butter on one slice
Cook the eggs and then cut them in half. Finish by garnishing each slice with: half a hard-boiled egg, a prawn, two slices of gherkins, a few slices of onion and decorating with sprigs of aromatic herbs to taste. Enjoy!

After a busy day… unwind in a floating spa
Copenhot offers an unforgettable moment of exceptional relaxation. This New Nordic Wellness concept offers outdoor spa installations in an urban setting, with clean sea water and heat created by firewood. Sailing or relaxing with friends in an open-air floating jacuzzi… the choice is vast: open-air hot baths and panoramic saunas that offer a wonderful view of the port and the horizon

People always smiling, polite and serene. It seems that here everyone discovers the secret of happiness “hygge”, an untranslatable Danish word that invites you to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and experience special and happy moments, alone or with friends, at home or away.

Tip: the Copenhagen Card
Useful and precious, a true friend! I’m talking about the Copenhagen Card, a pass that allows you to visit 86 museums and attractions, use all public transport for free and benefit from discounts on tours, bars and restaurants. I also used it for a suggestive tour of the canals which passes under the bridges of the city, some very low, be careful not to hit your head!

Visit Denmark

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