Top Chef con Ricetta

Luigi Pomata, lo ‘chef del tonno’ si racconta e ci regala una ricetta

Chef, can you tell us about your recipe?
I chose a dish based on ventresca (tuna belly) …
Let’s say it is a ‘simple’ recipe even if it requires some attention in the preparation, especially in the dosage of the three spices, which must be balanced properly.
Well … you are considered the Chef of Tuna …
This is partly true. I am still a curious person who loves to experiment and I believe it is essential to enhance the raw material, reinterpret traditional dishes to bring them to the tables of our days in an ever-current way. As usual, I love to seek excellence.
Chef Pomata’s recipe

INGREDIENTS for 4 people
700 gr Tuna belly 100 gr Grated bread 150 gr Raw ham 1 Kg wild beets 2 gr wasabi powder Mixed pepper to taste Oil, salt, pepper to taste 1 Lemon
METHOD Clean the belly and deprive it of the filamentous parts. Obtain 4 portions. Place the ham on a baking sheet with parchment paper and dry at 60 ° C overnight. Chop the ham. Prepare the mince by putting the bread, ham, mixed pepper to taste and lemon peel. Wash the chard and blanch them for a few minutes in salted water. Cool them immediately. Remove the stems and blend them together with a few leaves, wasabi and extra virgin olive oil until you get a green and creamy sauce. Bread the belly. In an iron pan with oil, brown the tuna on both sides, put in the oven at 180 ° C for 5 minutes. Cut the belly into two parts Let it rest in a warm environment. Sauté the chard in a pan with oil.