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Weekend “gourmet” sulla Sponda Bresciana del Lago di Garda

La Sponda Bresciana del Garda  coud be a perfect weekend for those who love nature, history, art and good food. Fans of food and wine tours and gourmet enthusiasts will find fantastic dishes both in the traditional menus and in the re-edition of centuries-old recipes. 70 km of coastline and 20 km of hinterland await you, where ancient traditions, stories of real life, unique products linked to companies that have been handed down recipes, advice and … exquisite dishes at the table for generations are concentrated.

specialità del territorio servite all’agriturismo Pratello

Garda olive oil is appreciated for the delicacy of its flavor, the fresh aftertaste of sweet almond, high digestibility and, as if that weren’t enough, an exquisite welcome from the producers … who invite you to tastings on site..

L’olio Garda DOP negli scaffali di Conti Thun a Puegnago in Valtènesi

To the north, the Alto Garda Bresciano Park offers numerous opportunities for lovers of hiking and trekking or those who love to experience a visit to this nature reserve, rich in unusual panoramic views, flora and fauna, plateaus, rocks overlooking the lake and vast green areas, covered by centuries-old woods in an area that is still unexplored in some wild areas. Don’t forget a stop at.  Centro Visitatori del Parco 

Parco dell’Alto Garda Bresciano
You are ready?
Let’s start from the north
Limone, famous for the citrus fruits of Garda, Gargnano, an ancient coastal village, Toscolano Maderno with numerous hotel-tourist facilities, Gardone Riviera, historically famous for the “Vittoriale degli Italiani”, home of D’Annunzio, today one of the most visited museums in Italy. Italy, Salò rich in history, Mediterranean vegetation and home of the iconic Cedrata Tassoni, its Duomo is a true art gallery and the historic center is also a lively opportunity for shopping.
Cedrata Tassoni…ma quanto era (ed è) buona???

San Felice del Benaco, a favorite destination for sportsmen. Manerba: known for its numerous campsites. Desenzano with the characteristic old port, the imposing Castle and the Cathedral which preserves a precious painting by Tiepolo. Finally, Sirmione, a splendid place sung by Carducci, and Catullus, which takes us back to the famous “Thermal Caves” known since ancient times.

Vittoriale degli Italiani

The spectacular villas, seen from the lake
Treat yourself to a boat ride, starting from Sirmione and circumnavigating the peninsula. You can admire the remains of the Grotte di Catullo, a noble residence from the Roman era, while. Crossing the lake towards Valtenesi, you reach the largest of the islands, Isola del Garda, where Villa Cavazza stands, inhabited since ancient times by the Counts Borghesi Cavazza.

Villa Cavazza

Heading north, in Salò we find Villa Leonesio and Villa Simonini, built in 1905 in Liberty style, while in Barbarano you can admire Palazzo Terzi and in Gardone Riviera Villa Ruhland. Navigating towards ancient lemon houses, you will discover Palazzo Brunati – Bulgheroni and Palazzo Zani, while in Bogliaco, the eighteenth-century Villa Bettoni stands out. Our journey ends in Gargnano, where the two villas of the Feltrinelli family are located, who left a strong mark of their magnanimity with philanthropic and charitable works. li.

Villa Feltrinelli

Stellati, trattorie, osterie… ecco dove mangiare

Where to eat

Capriccio, Manerba del Garda
Il Fagiano, Gardone Riviera,
Lido 84, Gardone Riviera.

Riccardo Camanini e la sua sarda di Lago

Esplanade, Desenzano
Michelin star, spectacular lake views, refined setting, impeccable service without being too rigid. Chef Massimo Rizzardi delights and amazes with dishes that honor local products and traditions, cooking them with skill and serving them with imagination and elegance. Lake fish stand out on the menu, so my choices went to whitefish in cooking oil, herbs and cherry tomato sauce and caper confit, strictly from Garda. Surprisingly refined are the lemon tripe tortelli with pecorino sauce, beans and tomatoes., While the Oscar for taste and presentation goes to …. cold spaghetti with cuttlefish ink with squid tartare and marinated ginger “. Bravo Chef!

Arte in cucina: una stupefacente idea di Massimo Fezzardi “Spaghetti freddi al nero di seppia con tartare di calamari e zenzero marinato”. Voto 10

La Rucola Sirmione
Casa Leali, Puegnago
Da Rino
, Manerba

Il pesce appena pescato di Da Rino

Trattoria Pegaso, Gavardo
Gattolardo, Desenzano
In the kitchen … the whole family! Starting with Chef Fabio Gozza to his cousin Matteo Silva who has personally supervised the careful search for wines for years. Super cozy atmosphere and a menu that makes your soul happy. Lake fish alternates with meat dishes, where territorial and regional references are not lacking: from the delicate Gardesena-style pike to the bigoli with whitefish and Garda sardines, a dutiful tribute to the lake.

Fabio Gozza e il suo luccio alla Gardesana

From Barberiga come the authentic casoncelli, from Comacchio the eel cooked with honey and soy, up to an excursion to Friuli with prawns alla buzara, while the traditional roast rabbit with mashed potatoes, brings us back to Sunday family lunch. Needless to say: enjoy your meal!

Da Gattolardo: una tradizione della domenica in famiglia: conoglio arrosto con pure di patate

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