Ricette di viaggio Weekend con gusto

Viaggio “gourmet” in VALLE D’AOSTA: les chefs étoile, i ristoranti top, la “superburrosa” cucina locale e una ricetta stellata.



Le Petit Bellevue, Cogne (1 Michelin Star)
Tiny, romantic, special: only six tables and Fabio Iacovone, an extraordinary Chef who has his roots in the mountain and Mediterranean tradition, constantly looking for new emotions without ever straying from tradition and the use of top quality ingredients.

Fabio Iacovone , al timone de’ Le petit bellevue

Petit Royal, Courmayeur (1 Stella Michelin)
Located in the splendor of Courmayeur, the property is a historic 5-star hotel boasting breathtaking views of Mont Blanc.Chef Paolo Griffa, offers the excellence of local tradition and local products, in a contemporary and gourmet key.

Paolo Griffa al timone del Petit Royal


Vecchio Ristoro, Aosta.
The new Star
His name is Filippo Oggioni, born in Legnano, now at the helm of the Vecchio Ristoro, in Aosta. He is the new Michelin Star 2021. Impossible not to “steal” the recipe for one of his “signature dish” Ravioli di Bollito Misto. “This is a dish, says Filippo, who loves to combine a classic taste of our area with raw materials from the Aosta Valley, especially the meats we use for this recipe, which are precisely the most traditional cuts of boiled meat (some of which have fallen into disuse , partially, like the cockscomb). They are ravioli stuffed with 3 different sauces, then served with a different cut of boiled meat and meat broth. “

Filippo Oggioni ,nuova Stella Michelin della Val d’Aosta ci regala la ricetta del suo piatto top: ravioli di bollito mistoIngredients and preparation

60g parsley 15g anchovy 5g garlic 2g chilli 1,5g pepper 100ml water 40g vinegar salt 60g sourdough bread Blend all the ingredients until you get a homogeneous mixture.
100g pear mustard 100g shelled walnuts Blend until you get a homogeneous mixture.
250 g tomatoes 4 anchovy fillets (anchovies) in oil 1 tablespoon of pickled capers 2 cloves of garlic 1 finely chopped white onion 5 basil leaves q.s. parsley 1 chilli 1/2 glass of vinegar (about 70 ml) 1 tablespoon of olive oil to taste salt Cook in a pan for 30 minutes, slowly over medium heat, starting from the cold pan. Remove the garlic and cook the mixture further until it reaches a good density. Blend and sift.
Cockscomb Chicken breast Cotechino Biancostat Tongue
Cook the meats as a classic boiled meat, separately; clarify and reduce the steak broth by half to concentrate the flavors. Form three ravioli with green sauce, two with red sauce and one with mustard. Place a cut of boiled meat alongside each ravioli. Ultimate with fried parsley and clarified steak broth.

Great restaurants

Laghetto, Brusson
Le Grenier , Saint Vincet
La Chandelle, Wood, La Luge, Breud Cervinia
Coeur de Bois, Cogne
Stefanelli Desk, Aosta
Cafè Quinson, Morges
Pierre Alexis, Courmayeur

l’incanto di Courmayeur

…e le osterie?

Maison Rosset, Nus
Le bon plaisir, Saint Vincet
Trattoria di Campagna, Sarre
Omens, Verres
Baita Ermitage, Courmayeur,

I formaggi valdostani

Ayas, Champoluc
Alpe Rebelle, Bionaz
Brasserie du BonBec, Les Pertzes, Lou Ressignon, Cogne
Da Nando, Al Maniero, Aosta


E per finire… un goccio di génépy

Dalla linfa dell’artemisia, un liquore digestivo, profumato e caratteristico.