Weekend con gusto

Weekend solare, turchese e squisito? Tricase e la Puglia vi aspettano…



L’incanto marino della Puglia

Tricase in the province of Lecce, is a lovely town in Puglia, overlooking the Ionian Sea, perfect for a stay under the banner of fantastic sea, art and tradition nestled on the eastern stretch of the Salento coast. Tricase is one of the 32 municipalities that make up the Costa Otranto – Santa Maria di Leuca and Bosco di Tricase Regional Natural Park which, in addition to preserving a rare architectural and environmental heritage, preserves breathtaking landscapes, including cliffs, arid meadows, and the rare beauty of carnations from Salento, cornflowers from Leuca and the local 700-year-old “Vallonea oak”, declared a botanical monument.

Architetture storiche di Tricase
Architetture storiche di Tricase
Il Castello.

In the vicinity of Tricase, you ‘ll discover Marina Serra and its magical natural pool await you, a rocky amphitheater where the water is crystal clear and do not miss the Matrona cave, a show of lights, colors and turquoise reflections. Big party on 12 August, for its Fish Festival, while the next day the town goes down to the streets for the Feast of San Nicola E The sea is filled with fishing boats that depart in procession, also illuminated from the ground by the fires of ‘ artifice.
What a show!

La piscina naturale di Marina Serra

Do you want more?
In Via Marina Porto, 3, a delicious discovery awaits you: G&CO and the delights of Myriam Ricchiuto, the Mestra Gelato maker, author of today’s recipe “We decided to share with you the recipe for our wild fennel ice cream, because we liked the idea of a product that tells about our land.” , Myriam tells us, “We collect our fennel along the coasts of Salento, in inaccessible areas where no cars pass and therefore not polluted, and after a long infusion, to allow all its scent to come out, we use it in our ice cream”.

Myriam Ricchiuto in azione
Myriam Ricchiuto in azione


high quality whole milk 630 cream 35% fat 140 sucrose 121 dextrose 30 maltodextrin 18dè 20 skimmed milk powder 1% fat 34 dehydrated glucose 30dè 20 Total kg. 1,000

The wild fennel is left to infuse in fresh milk for 24 hours, after which it is filtered and mixed together with all the other ingredients. After a first phase of pasteurization at 85 degrees, the mixture passes into the batch freezer. After the maturing phase, our wild fennel ice cream is ready to be tasted.


To reach Tricase, you can fly to Brindisi and Bari or take the train, get off at Lecce station and from here use local trains