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Viaggio “gourmet” nel TRENTINO-ALTO ADIGE: Chef stellati, ristoranti top, ricette, le malghe dove gustare la tradizione

One of the food and wine proposals is called “Mountain Picnic”, which allows visitors to taste the best products of South Tyrol, while comfortably lying in a green pasture at 2000 metres above sea level. Tourists can order a picnic basket with a unique menu at the ten huts taking part in the initiative. Each mountain hut offers a different selection based on local specialities and products. Upon collecting your picnic basket, you’ll also be given a blanket – no good picnic is complete without one! – and you can enjoy your picnic in the meadows near the huts. This allows all excursion enthusiasts to choose a safe spot to enjoy lunch.The baskets can be purchased in advance by contacting the hut or collected directly, with no prior order, at the participating mountain huts.

Le nuove star

Prezioso, Merano
Housed in the Hotel Castel Fragsburg, a castle hotel that stands out not only for its unique style, but also for its philosophy of the refined art of living. It is surrounded by a 50,000 m² garden, almost a refuge, framed by the pristine splendor of nature. At the helm of the restaurant we find Egon Heiss. “If you’ve seen and experienced everything there is to see and do, says Egon, you go back to the perfection of the simple things in life.”

Egon Heiss

Senso Alfio Ghezzi Mart, Rovereto –
iSimple dishes, designed and cooked with responsibility that neglect appearance as an end in itself or the more obvious aspects of tradition to focus instead with a fresh and curious look at the new. Alfio Ghezzi prefers honest cuisine that feeds on the experiences of mountain life, which wants to reveal something of his way of being, of the reality in which he lives, of what he thinks. The Italian character, simplicity and vocation for the sustainability of the territory stand out in its menu.

Alfio Ghezzi

Peter Brunel, Arco (TN)
Open kitchen, an environment with a minimal appearance in which the play of color is entrusted to a few elements that want to tell the personal story of Chef Peter Brunel who offers various menus, all united by the Chef’s philosophy of experimentation and respect for raw materials. Unequivocally gourmet dishes, which tell the story of his travels and years of research. “Cooking in its early stages is science, study and research., Says Brunel, you need to know every secret of the ingredients and only then can you indulge in new creations.”

Peter Brunel


Among the “grandma’s dishes” ò’e the tonco de pontesel,
a stew made from mixed meats of pork, beef and veal enriched with lard, bacon and pieces of fresh luganega, ricotta cream and flavored with sage, rosemary or even berries juniper or with a spoonful of tomato paste. Serve the tonco with boiled potatoes or polenta. A perfect dish for the coming autumn colds and not too difficult to prepare … Here’s how to make tonco de pentesel Chop the bacon and bacon and fry them over low heat for a few minutes in a saucepan so that they melt, add the chopped onion and brown. Cut the meat into not too small pieces and pass them in the flour, eliminating the excess. Put the meat in the saucepan and brown evenly. Also add the pieces of luganega and cook for a few more minutes. Add the white wine and let it evaporate. Extend with a part of boiling broth and continue cooking for about 2 hours, adding more liquid when necessary. Put a large spoonful of flour in a non-stick pan and toast it for a few minutes. Add a few spoonfuls of the cooking juices to the meat, stirring with a whisk to avoid lumps. Add the flour sauce to the saucepan and mix well. Cook for another ten minutes, remove from heat and serve immediately

Tonco de pontesel, da servire caldo, magari accompagnato da un calice di robusto lagrein dell'Alto-Adige