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Corfù: pronti per un viaggio gourmet “alla greca” ? Si parte!

The sky, the sea, the blue the smiles of the people in a fairy tale that becomes reality. And on the table

The blue sea of Greece from a  terrace of Angsana Corfu , Il mare azzurro della Grecia dalla terrazza dell’Angsana Corfù

Today Weekend Premium takes off and lands in Greece, in Corfu the island with a glorious past. with a rich multicultural heritage, historical monuments, an extraordinary natural landscape, its crystal clear seas and its excellent climate all year round.

L’azzurro mare di Corfù

Corfu (Kerkyra in Greek), unlike the rest of Greece, never fell under Ottoman oppression and, due to the successive dominations of the Venetians, the French and the English over the centuries, the island became part of mainly of the Western rather than Levantine world.

Il Monastero di Theotokos Paleokastritsa, fondato nel 1225

The variety of many cultures exerted a strong influence on the capital and the first Greek University (the Ionian Academy), the first Philharmonic Orchestra and the First School of Fine Arts were founded here. Princess Sissi wanted to have her palace by the sea, where she spent long periods of leisure and study.

Il suntuoso palazzo della Principessa Sissi
We want to take you on a journey that will offer art, history, culture, nature and … the very tasty dishes of Greek cuisine, both traditional and revisited, from the rustic tavern to the starred restaurant
The iconic “Greek Salad” tomatoes, onions, black olives, Feta, cucumbers and the excellent Greek olive oil. L’iconica “Greek Salad” pomodori, cipolle, olive nere , Feta , cetrioli e l’ottimo olio d’oliva greco

Ready for a “Greek” gourmet tour? Let’s go!

Old Town is pleanty with restaurants of all kinds. Here the tavernas chosen for you Avli
Tavernaki tis Marinas

Il Ritorante-mercato Fishalida, il pesce preferito dai Corfioti e il Tou Vtaou, una taverna che è rimasta la stessa da decenni.

Venetian Well  picturesque atmosphere, iin a small square reminiscent of a Venetian square, is not wrong is located in the Campiello area, one of the most characteristic of the city and less bombarded with souvenir shops for tourists. Even the menu recalls and mentions many Italian flavors, from pastitsada of ravioli stuffed with cockerel, to Sardinian fregola, served with marjoram mushrooms, summer truffle 

Pomo D’Oro, Skaramagka 13, Kerkyra.
In a semi-hidden square in the Old Town, we find Pomo d’Oro, a restaurant that really deserves to be mentioned: First of all, Chef Aristotelis Megoulas, born in France, raised in Athens’ Piraeus, studied economics at the University of Bologna (he speaks fluently Italian). He has participated in Master Chef Greece and other Greek television programs and writes for cooking magazines and websites.

Chef Aristotelis Megoulas e la sua fantasmagorica versione della "greek salad"

Chef Aristotelis Megoulas and his phantasmagoric version of the “Greek salad”,
is a true expression of art.
From his internationality and from his love for art (his father is an established sculptor), Aristotelis has developed his own style of cooking, inspired by his life experience with the use of the best local seasonal products.
Monocolor or multicolored, Aristotelis’ cuisine is expressed in artistic compositions that please the eye and delight the palate, such as the total green of the semi-cold soup with peas, melon, yogurt with truffles, or in its colorful Benitses octopus carpaccio vaguely “Pollock style” with aubergine cream, pine nuts, marinated berries and ouzo mayonnaise.

Monocolore o multicolore, la cucina di Aristotelis si esprime in artistiche composizioni che appagano l’occhio e itistiche e deliziose al palato

Let’s move a few kilometers further south to discover Benitses, an ancient fishing village that has become an alternative destination for tourists in search of traditions. On the hill, perfectly immersed in the landscape, stands the majestic five-star Angsana Resort Corfu, the first and only European hotel of the famous Asian chain, with four truly remarkable gourmet stops

The spectacular Angsana swimming pool , La spettacolare piscina dell’Angsana

Ruen Romsai restaurant on a large outdoor terrace and ample lounge space, guests can savor Greek and international dishes in a contemporary and authentic Corfu setting. 
Botrini’s, creation of the starred Top Chef Ettore Botrini, considered the gastronomic king of the island. I had the pleasure of dining there and experiencing his Traveler menu … His dishes speak of travel, of distant lands but also of Italy, where Ettore’s family was born and which still remains the favorite destination of his weekends.

Top Chef Botrini in azione
Il simbolico viaggio dell’arriga, visto da Botrini. Dalla brace a un gelato con spuma di pannocchia e verdure fritte, The symbolic journey of the herring seen by Botrini. From the grill to an ice cream with cob foam and fried vegetable

Koh a menu with a trendy version of sushi, prepared by renowned Japanese chefs and proposed with a mix of modern Asian cuisine, rich in flavor, color and aroma
Sofrito, Chef Penos Teirigiotis offers a traditional Greek tavern menu, but with contemporary influences. Fresh locally sourced ingredients and products, such as Greek olive oil, garlic, white wine, Corfiot spices and Mediterranean herbs.

Penos Teirigiotis e un piatto di pesce del Sofrito

For an unforgettable dinner

Remember the two delightful movies “Mamma Mia!”?
The Abba evergreen songs, the great Meryl Streep and above all the locations in a dream Greece? Well if they were to shoot the third episode, this place, with its seaside inn, a white church and a fairytale island, could be the perfect set!

Mouse island e al bianco monastero di Vlaxerena

We are in Kanoni, in front of the tiny Mouse island and the white monastery of Vlaxerena. Mouse island and the white monastery of Vlaxerena
At the helm of the Flisvos restaurant we find the chef Spiros Catechis who offers a traditionally Greek menu, updated in the finishes and made with care.

Chef Spiros Catechis nel suggestivo dehors del suo Floisvos

His dishes speak of the sea, of the history and come from the heart, without forgetting the tasty Greek cuisine. From the classic (and very tasty) taramasalata, to marinated anchovies with aubergine mousse, from kakavia, fish soup topped with chilli oil and olive tapenade, to a “drunk” octopus, well washed down with Greek ouzo and white wine.

Due classici piatti di Taramasalata di mousse di caviale e bottarga- Polpo con crema di finocchi e piselli

Going around the island

You must stop in Kassiopi, an ancient fishing village, today one of the most developed towns in the northern part of the island and undoubtedly a gourmet paradise. At Trilogia a refined menu full of fish and a stellar wine cellar, local and from all over the world, awaits you, while at the Taverna Old School you will find the most traditional dishes of Greek cuisine, rigorously cooked by a truly authentic chef: mamma Maria.

Mamama Maria e la meravigliosa spiaggia di Kassiopy

Extra fresh fish in abundance, from mixed fried, to sardines in oil, to melitzanosalata, an aubergine cream prepared by cooking whole aubergines in the oven and then blending everything with yogurt, oil, garlic and mint

Tre tradizionalità della cucina corfiota servite da Old Town Gli spiedini souvlaki, le delizioe sardine e l’impareggiabile miltzayosalata, a base di melanzane al forno e yougurt

Going to the top..

Etrusco. Super renowned and super refined restaurant. But why is it called that? The mystery revealed: Etrusco Botrini, of Tuscan origins, is the name of Ettore’s father, an Italo-Corfiot, born and raised in Corfu and considered the true King of local gastronomy. Papa Etrusco was also a chef and the two have often worked together, in numerous MED Clubs around the world and in the family restaurant “Etrusco” in Corfu, considered among the best restaurants in Greece and on the rise by gastronomic guides all over the world.

i Botrini in azione

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